Start Date
30 September 2019 at 1:00 am
End Date
30 September 2020 at 1:00 am

SYCL - A Modern Platform for Heterogeneous Architectures


Location: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A Dates: 30th September 2019 Website: ornl.gov

The C++ Direction Group has set a future direction for C++ and includes recommendation for C++ in the short and medium term. It will have immediate impact on what will enter C++20, and beyond. First half of this talk will devote to the issue of 3Ps: Performance, Portability and Productivity. The other parts will consider the C++ Directions Group’s description of where future C++ is heading as a member of the DG. It also includes a guidance towards Heterogeneous C++.

The SYCL standard from the Khronos Group is a strong candidate to implement this upcoming C++ standard as are many other C++ frameworks from DOE, and HPX for the distributed case. One of the core ideas of this standard is that everything must be standard C++, the only exception being that some feature of C++ cannot be used in places that can be executed on an OpenCL device, often due to hardware limitations.

Speaker: Michael Wong , Codeplay Software