Authors: Aksel Alpay and Vincent Heuveline (Heidelberg University)

The SYCL ecosystem currently contains four major SYCL implementations: Codeplay’s ComputeCpp, Intel’s LLVM/clang implementation, triSYCL led by Xilinx and hipSYCL led by Heidelberg University. HipSYCL, an open source project available at, is the first SYCL implementation that does not build on OpenCL, providing instead CUDA/HIP and OpenMP backends that allow it to target CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs and AMD GPUs. Since hipSYCL builds on the CUDA/HIP clang frontend, augmented with a clang plugin to add support for SYCL constructs, it is inherently interoperable with existing CUDA or HIP codebases, vendor-optimized libraries, and can expose latest hardware features such as intrinsics as soon as they become available in the clang CUDA/HIP toolchain.