The workshop covered advanced concepts and features of the latest SYCL specifications, including simplified code implementation for heterogeneous computing, an overview of memory models involving buffers/accessors and unified shared memory (USM), and an understanding of simplified reduction with live hands-on sample codes on Intel® DevCloud.

Here’s a detailed outline of the topics that will be covered in the workshop:

- Learn pointer-based memory management for heterogeneous computing using unified shared memory.

- Understand the implicit and explicit ways of moving memory using unified shared memory and handling data dependency between kernel executions.

- Understand the advantages of using Subgroups in SYCL programming

- Take advantage of Subgroup group algorithms and understand how Subgroup Shuffle operations can avoid explicit memory operations.

- Use SYL reduction to simplify reduction with parallel kernels.

- Take advantages, reduce function to reduce sub_group and work-group level.